Thursday, February 27, 2014

I had to haul X-Man out of a friend's house. He was kicking and screaming and demanding to be returned to "Nemo." Nemo was a blue fish, definitely NOT a clown fish. But he was fascinating and X-Man loved him. I was perplexed by the name choice, only because X-Man has seen Finding Nemo once. And apparently "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" didn't make an impression.

After half a year in cub scouts, the father figure finally got him his uniform. I helped. I helped by getting lost on the the way to futsal one day and stumbling upon the scout store. Then I was able to tell the father's over here somewhere.

So Mac was uniformed up. Sort of. There's a bit more to the uniform than buttoning up the shirt and tucking it in. There are patches that need to be sewn on. At this point I realized, or remembered, that I was completely clueless. I assumed there was a reason why I had two different number patches and maybe they meant something as well. Also, there was a neckerchief. I was pretty sure the neckerchief wasn't supposed to be sewn to the collar, but then again, these are boys we are talking about. And there was a giant ring thing. After arranging the patches in an eye pleasing pattern, it occurred to me that this being a uniform, there might be a rhyme and reason to the arrangement of patches that I should be aware of before I started sewing. Also, there's a lot more about sewing I should probably know. I also wondered if the father figure had sought iron on patches because that would have bought him countless bonus points. And I am certai
n he would like those.

So Mac went to the meeting, sans patches and neckerchief with a large ring thing in his pocket because I figured it had something to do with the thing that was supposed to go around his neck. Or it was his secret decoder ring. Where was the father figure in all of this? The Eagle Scout father figure? Working. So I couldn't really be annoyed with him. But we were not presenting an impressive picture here.

Walking in I saw that Mac was the only boy wearing a uniform. At all. Apparently we were left off the email suggesting that due to power tools usage or something, uniforms not be worn. An auspicious start to his uniform wearing days for sure.

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