Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have discovered the downside to potty training X-Man. Namely, he is now a two year old who uses the bathroom. As a two year old. So, earlier today, the urge came upon him suddenly and he burst into the bathroom. The bathroom that Mac was using. X-Man attempted to body check Mac out of his way. Fortunately, X-Man announced his approach with a violent swinging open of the door, so Mac, knowing his brother as he does, had managed to brace himself. For which I was particularly grateful.

I had never seen anything like that before and X-Man continued to introduce me to new experiences. Like bursting into the bathroom and trying to pull a sibling off the potty because he wanted to go. Because My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic won't watch itself.

I've potty trained four children now. And I was woefully unprepared for this usurping of the facilities. Although, I've lived with this boy for two and a half years. I really should have expected this.

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