Monday, February 17, 2014

Gestated Cinco has been gestated for ten months now. We are at a bit of a loggerheads right now.

Cinco believes she is old enough to have full access to my phone. And that it is unfair that I attempt to hide it from her. She most definitely old enough to stalk me and discover all of my stashing places.

Cinco also thinks she should be allowed to feed herself. And only she knows how to properly use silverware. And while her discerning palate cannot tolerate pureed mixed vegetables, she is a big fan of broccoli smuggled to her under the table by X-Man.

She is certainly big enough to climb the stairs all by herself. But she would prefer that I always remain in her line of site. Unless she has a magnificent treasure that she's purloined, in which case she would prefer it that I make myself scarce.

In return, Cinco has recently decided that sleeping through the night isn't such a bad thing. But she still wakes up at night a feels the need to remind us that she is indeed in her own bed, and isn't the biggest fan of the arrangements.

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