Monday, February 24, 2014

Again with the chaotic weekend. I discovered that Cinco appears to be very friendly while out and about. It looks like she's waving at anyone and everyone. If people smile and respond, she gets very excited. She smiles broadly, bounces vigorously and waves more frantically. One might think she wants them to hold her. They would be wrong. She wants them to give her their phone. Sadly, if you are not holding a phone, Cinco won't even make eye contact with you. Not because she's shy, but because she is scanning for someone with a phone.

Over the weekend, I was reminded why I don't wait for the father figure to come home before showering. I had been in the shower a full minute when the door flew open and X-Man shoved an unopened graham cracker box into the shower and yelled "I have some mom?" I yelled for the father figure, who meandered in and removed X-Man. But the father figure remained to ask me the pressing question "How long has Cinco been scared of this bunny rabbit toy? See watch...." Sure enough he was holding Cinco in one arm and the bunny of fear in the other arm. And she was crawling up him to escape it. I pointed out that that particular creature hopped on its own which might be the source of the concern and if he did not shut the door and leave me in peace before the hot water ran out he was going to wish it was the zombie apocalypse.

I managed to forget it was Monday. So I forgot I had appointments with students. Later this evening I thought it was Thursday. It's a cruel, cruel world.

The father figure and I had a miscommunication when it came from retrieving Baba from soccer practice. The kind of miscommunication that results in both parents showing up to retrieve one soccer player. Which, considering the various miscommunication that could have occurred, well, it could have been worse. I was hoping the father figure would be able to pick her up, so I wouldn't have to wake the sleeping X-Man, who decided that 6pm was actually the appropriate nap time. But, as I didn't get confirmation that he was able to, I went and got her myself. The father figure thought he was supposed to call if he was unable to get her.

The father figure and the coach looked for the apparently missing child. The coach was getting very concerned. The father figure was slightly concerned. I think he was as concerned about calling me. Probably because he got to the field after practice was over, therefore technically being late, so if Baba had indeed disappeared, and he had been late, I would indeed kill him. As it was, we all chuckled about it, except for possibly the coach.

So in the end, I had to wake X-Man up for nothing. And put pants on him for no reason. Life is hard.

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