Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thirteen years ago, the father figure and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together as a couple. I was away at college and he sent me three dozen long stemmed red roses and a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Last year, he brought me a bag of M&Ms the day after Valentine's Day because that's when they were on sale. I'm interested in seeing what this year brings.

It was a day of chaos. The kind of chaos that comes when children have non stop questions about their schoolwork. And the washing machine leaks. Mac discovered the mess and bellowed "EWWW X-MAN PEED ALL OVER THE PLACE!" With that kind of an intro, I was actually relived to find it was simply the washer. Well, that and it was an easy fix. X-Man was oblivious to the slander, mostly because he was hanging out in the bathtub. I've found that to be a very useful method of corralling the boy. Cinco is highly annoyed by the fact that I don't let her join in the fun and that water seems to be an essential component of the fun. Both facts irritate her greatly.

I work hard at not being too sentimental here. But there is a special joy that come to a mother when she sees her little girl bound off the soccer field, soaking wet, with a huge smile on her face. Baby is back at the outdoor sessions again, and she was thrilled. It almost made the bouncing between her and Baba's practices worth it.

Also, Cinco kisses. She lunges towards you with her mouth wide open. But unlike each of her siblings, she doesn't bite anything, nor does she lick or attempt to suck any part of your face. She just plants her drooly mouth on your cheek with a loud "MAH". If you kiss her back, she gets very excited and repeats the process. It's heavenly.

One should not live stream Olympic Ice Skating with Cinco. She will love it greatly, and in her enthusiasm, attempt to participate. Mostly by bouncing along to the music while flailing her limbs. This inevitably results in her hitting the keyboard and pausing the process. And she is devastated. Eventually, the Zamboni comes out and while X-Man's interest is piqued, Cinco's heartbroken. But what should she expect from a mom who insists on making baths for X-Man only and with water!

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