Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I have had another break through with X-Man when it comes to the potty. And this time, there has been consistent success. The first step was to have him go diaperless. The second step was to reward him with something he consistently desires. So the diaperless X-Man's been using the potty independently and then yelling to watch his "honies." That's right. I'm potty training my son using "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." The father figure isn't sure how he feels about this. I am completely sure. X-Man has figured the system out already. He goes enough to make it through a twenty minutes episode and then runs back into the bathroom. But I don't care. He's a fan of candy, but can certainly live without it. He apparently cannot go with his ponies. I don't care if he self identifies as a "brony." Bronies wear underwear.

Driving to swimming lessons today, the older kids were playing a game of "guess what I'm drawing." From the back I heard "Is it a frog?" "Is it a park?" "A soccer ball?' "Dinosaur?" "A monster?" "MOM'S FACE???"

It was a cup of hot chocolate. The art does not run deep in this family.

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