Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things that make blogging hard......

A baby who can remove her own diaper. And does so. Especially when it is poopy.

A baby who tries to eat the poopy diaper that she removed.

A baby who gets her face close enough to the diaper so she can eat it, realizes that it smells like a poopy diaper, is outraged and throws it.

A baby who throws the poopy diaper that she has removed from herself, so she's sitting on the rug with her bare buns, in such a manner that it lands wrong side on the floor.

These things make it hard to blog.

Other things that make it hard to blog....

A toddler who, convinced that I have been holding out on him, steals his sister's baby food and takes off. The baby, seeing the food leave her sight, gives pursuit screaming.

A toddler, having purloined his sister's food, hides behind the couch to taste the delectable delights. The baby is hot on his heels settles down next to him.

Said toddler tastes the stolen delights and realizes that pureed vegetables tastes about the same as regular veggies and is infuriated. The obvious choice is to throw it.

The baby, seeing her precious food thrown, desperately tries to pick it up. That does not work. She is heartbroken.

Also it is not easy to blog when the toddler opens the oven door and encourages his baby sister to get in. Or when you hear "Get in baby" coming from the laundry room. Oh yeah, the toddler can open the dryer. And the dishwasher. And the front door.

I may never blog again.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh...wait...this is far too close to home some days.