Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MOM! Would you PLEASE explain to Mac why cockroaches are bad!!!" There are tapestries that I really, really don't want unravel. But I don't trust Baby and Mac alone anywhere. I eemphasized my lack of knowledge of cockroaches due to lack of experience.

Gestated Cinco and X-Man have determined to remain sick for the rest of their lives. At least that's how it feels. Cinco is annoyed by her congestion and appears to hold me personally responsible. X-Man is an Italian male, therefore every illness is the single worst he has ever experienced and he is completely helpless. So much so that he laid outside the bathroom door wailing "help me" . And so I had to carry him back to the couch to watch more Thomas. The couch he has been laying on watching Thomas until I tried to sneak off.

He and Cinco are passed out in my lap. Both are completely uninterested in sharing their space. Fortunately they united in their displeasure and fought off the laptop. So I'm trying to do this while holding them and a phone. It is not easy.

They both smell of garlic. X-Man was holding his ear earlier tonight and saying "ow". And I have a sneaking suspicion that they both have ear infections. So I mixed up some garlic oil and tried dropping that in their ears. It may have helped Cinco, X-Man seems unfazed and Mac wants spaghetti for dinner. Or pizza.


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