Monday, January 27, 2014

We spent the weekend searching for and purchasing a car. It was not fun. We didn't get my first choice, which was a pulse quickening red, also known as ticket-bait.We found a very acceptable option complete with a clock that actually displays and sliding doors that open when you push the buttons. We're very fancy now.

It's the theater of the absurd here. I am at my wits' end. X-Man is physically capable of using the potty. He will so, just often enough to drive me batty. But he's more content to just not use it. And now that Cinco is eating solids, I'm done with diapers. So, I tried a different approach.

To the chagrin of the other children, I instituted the "Whoo hoo you used the potty" routine for the whole family. And then I promptly forgot that I did. Until Baba shuffled out and looked slyly at me and said "Well I just used the potty." And so it began. We all cheered wildly, told her she was incredible and gave her m&ms. Well, all of us except Mac and X-Man. Mac took off running to the bathroom himself while X-Man studiously attempted to open the coffee maker. But he was forced to pay attention when we all burst into applause for Mac.

And so, he grudgingly decided to participate. Which made to the whole dog and pony show possibly worth it. Cinco found the whole thing hilarious. And maybe just slightly alarming.

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