Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's been a rough few days. Although I have been able to experience true stay at home motherhood. Just a little stir crazy now. There's only so much I can accomplish through online car shopping. It would also be helpful if the father figure wasn't working past car dealer closing times. Although, I am a fan of the overtime. It's helpful for the budget. Which has been blown by the sudden and yet expected demise of our vehicle. It was just supposed to hold out for another nine months. I mean, what's the point of a budget if everyone doesn't play by the rules.

Part of the roughness of my life currently, is Cinco is still considering getting whooping cough or something. She keeps practicing, mostly from the hours of midnight to 5am. The father figure has most helpfully moved himself to sleeping on the couch. Well, more accurately, he keeps falling asleep on the couch and then decided not to join the fun of partying with Typhoid Cinco. But last night, her hacking woke him up as well. He actually walked into the bedroom and asked "Is she ok? Do you hear her coughing?"

For the record, I was sitting up in bed....holding the baby. The father figure had nothing else to offer and so stumbled back out to the couch. My master plan is to fall asleep on the couch first tonight.

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