Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's been the kind of day where Cinco brushes my legs with a hairbrush while I try to work out. As I did push ups, apparently Jillian Michaels ultimate favorite exercise ever, she sat on my back and hit my head with a hammer. Fortunately, I guess, it was a plastic hammer. She did this because she could, and also because her older sisters were watching her. Much like they were watching her when she helped X-Man smash eggs on the floor.

Yesterday was Baba's birthday. It was a lovely day. The kind of day where I get lost in the moment, bask in the joy that truly is my children, and decide to take them to a movie. On my own.

Fortunately, I was so enjoying family, I decided to invite Nana and Dada to come with us. Something told me that I should attempt to even out the numbers a bit. Which was good.

We went to see The Lego Movie. X-Man was very excited because he saw an arcade game with a steering wheel and decided he was in Heaven. He wasn't particularly convinced but was willing to follow the crowd. He spent the previews trying to figure out how to stay seated in his collapsing chair. Although the bouncing was rather fun.

As soon as the previews began, Cinco began to dance. Dancing for Cinco means bouncing and bouncing and trying to vault out of whichever arms are restraining her. She also danced through the first song. And then she got fussy. Her dancing had worn her out. She needed to be walked for all of five minutes before passing out.

As soon as I returned with the completely zonked Cinco, X-Man decided he needed to go to the bathroom. So Cinco was handed off to Nana and X-Man and I made our first out of three trips to the bathroom. But he kept his pull up dry so I couldn't complain. It was pretty clear that he was using his bathroom trips to scope out the lobby and figure out where that car game was. I was wise to his plan and kept detouring him back to the theater.

While I missed parts of the movie, I was there enough to hear deep bellied laughs from all of my kids, including X-Man. It was a good day.

We returned home and baking a birthday cake was on the to do list. Birthday cakes require eggs. I still didn't have eggs. The moment had passed and reality was back.

X-Man helped restore reality by adding his special touches to Baba's cake as I was trying to convince Cinco that she really, really, really needed to take a late afternoon nap. He was pulling a gallon of milk out of the fridge when I became aware of his shenanigans.

It could have been worse. I could have walked into the kitchen and caught him on the kitchen table, on all fours, eating the last of the birthday cake, face first, animal style. Oh wait....that was today.

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