Monday, April 14, 2014

Mac where did you put Cinco’s new baby doll?”

“It is in the palace of darkness and fatigue.”


Mac clarified “That’s what I say when I don’t know things.”

Good to know.

I inadvertently established a bedtime routine with Mac. As I was struggling to meet a looming deadline, Mac came to say goodnight. I hugged and kissed him and sent him on his way. Only he refused to go. “You forgot something!” I rekissed and rehugged him. “You still forgot something!” He helpfully pointed to the calendar. Not that it helped me at all. He gestured wildly at the calendar. I was still perplexed. There were no weird stickers or notes on it. I was completely befuddled.  He finally exploded “You have to say ‘See you tomorrow’” Oh….oops.

It is very hard to clean banana out of semi-shag carpet. This wasn’t a lesson that I needed to learn. I assumed that banana and carpets shouldn’t mix. However Cinco, Baby and Mac conspired to teach us this lesson. Although it’s wasn’t for lack of botched clean up attempts on their part. No one is quite clear on how the banana ended up in Mac’s bedroom but everyone was clear on the fact that Cinco sat on it.
artwork by Baby or Baba. Neither can remember. 

This is one of the more bloody blogs I’ve written. I was in a different room when Cinco face planted in front of the father figure. For obvious reasons, she is only content in my lap at this point.  This is making typing hard. Not to mention it is again bed time. Mac just came in to say goodnight. I made sure to hug him and say “I love you. Good night. See you tomorrow.”

The boy’s giggle is infection and darling. And he giggled at me and said “Close Mommy, you’re supposed to saySee you in the morning’!” Now that I know I have to remember it…..I’ll never get it right. No good comes from talking to your children. 

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