Monday, April 7, 2014

I don't have a lawn. I have a breeding ground for dandelions. So now I have blisters on my hands as I spent a couple hours digging them out. Well some out. Our lovely neighbor took one look and said "Better you than me." I told him I was three seconds away from going all Round Up on the yard. I didn't. Not yet. Now there are all these holes in the dandelion breeding ground. But there's less yellow to distract from the daffodils.

I learned over the weekend that if you are a boy and around the age of three, you will lick things. That's just the way it goes. I was watching the one reality show I like, TLC's The Little Couple, starring two of the most darling children you will ever see. Anyway, the mom and dad were off the finalize their daughter's adoption and said goodbye to their three year old son. Who said goodbye to his licking his hand. A facebook friend mentioned that her three-ish year old son it into licking people as well. Which made my rule today, "No Licking Mommy" even more cruel in X-Man's eyes. It's just the way of the world mom.

The father figure and I found ourselves collapsed on the couch watching "The Best of SNL '90s." We complained about how it was then that all the good stars were cast. But what kept us watching were the musical acts. There was so much good music in the '90s. Good angry, angst filled music. None of this Beiber nonsense that permeates the airwaves today. Seriously, our children will never know peer produced good music.

And then we started to search for our AARP cards.

Mac just bellowed for me to come upstairs. He said that I needed to bring him a towel and turn off the shower. When I got up there, he was standing, wet and naked, in the bathroom door. There was a towel less than three feet behind him. And the shower was off. I pointed this out to him and he responded "Oh, actually I guess I know how to turn it off."

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