Thursday, April 10, 2014

You know when it’s a good time to discover your debit card is missing? When you’re sitting at the gas pump, on empty.  Of course this prompts a rushed trip home to check your account, which is shockingly low on funds, but that is entirely your fault. So you cancel the card. And the next day, you find it in a hoodie you forgot you wore.  The hoodie you were going to wear to the dmv to renew the tabs for the ridiculous paperweight still sitting in your driveway. You were going to wear it but didn’t because the state of Washington did what you could not do, convince the father figure to rid himself of the bane on your existence.  The thought of paying for new license plates and tabs was a bridge too far. Not the thousands of dollars we’ve already thrown into it over the last year, the sixty dollars to make it legal. Whatever, I know when to keep my thoughts to myself.

The father figure said little about me losing yet another debit card. It actually occurs more often than I would like to admit. But since he lost his phone, he’s recognized that come a certain amount of children; you do completely lose your mind. I used to claim that I might lose my debit card but I had never lost a child before. Thanks to Mac, that curve was blown. Although I have yet to leave a child anywhere. That really should account for something. Especially as the number seems to exponentially grow.

X-Man is refusing to nap but using the potty. You think that I’d be happy with this turn of event, but I am loath to lose the quiet time of naps. There’s a lovely peace that comes from knowing right where X-Man is and that he is most certainly doing nothing destructive. Not to mention I don’t think our water bill is going to appreciate X-Man’s new found habit of flushing the potty as often as he can. Which certainly includes stopping every time he passes the bathroom to randomly flush the toilet.  He has also taken to stashing his underwear in random spot throughout the house. This way he can change them as often as the mood strikes him. Which apparently is often.  All and all there’s not much to complain about. But that won’t stop me.

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