Monday, April 28, 2014

Things learned over the weekend:

X-Man can empty and crush a box of taco shells in the amount of time it takes me to change a diaper. It would help if Cinco didn’t try to crawl under the couch while I was trying to change it.

I will learn of X-Man’s shenanigans when he brings me his newly y made chips, with peanut butter “yum mommy!”

In the time it takes me to clean up a box of crushed taco shells, Cinco can empty the entire contents of a bathroom drawer into the toilet.

X-Man will try to swim in the toilet. Cinco will try to join him. He will try to help her get in the toilet with him.

X-Man can fall asleep in the shower.

X-Man thinks the baby dolls in the house need to be potty trained. I’m considering asking him to try Cinco as well.

I can keep the bathroom door shut and cut down the family shenanigans by at least 80%. However, I will be stuck with a hysterical X-Man who has been very good with his potty training. And it doesn’t change the fact that Cinco hangs outside the bathroom door, looking for any excuse to get in there and get to work. 

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