Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby was invited to a birthday party. Randomly she announced that she wanted to give a character doll from the movie Frozen as the gift. Ok. So we went to three stores until we found "Elsa". Apparently that was a minor miracle. But not so minor. We hit a Target, found three of the dolls and grabbed one. I was informed later that this particular doll is a "HOT" item that in sold out everywhere, people track the store delivery schedules and call at opening to see if she's in. This would explain why it took three trips to stores to find any Frozen characters at all. And of course, Baby decided the doll was so pretty, she'd like one for her birthday. I returned to the Target later in the day, still blissfully unaware of the impossibility of my task, to discover that again the shelves were stripped bare. Where there had been three dolls earlier....there were no dolls. This is when I was informed that my rare Elsa sighting might possibly be the only of my life. Of course all the father figure heard was "Baby wants this doll" Which has become for him "I will find this doll." Well....good luck with that.

So, I went on a hunt for a doll that I didn't really realize required a hunt. I brought Baby with me as we hunted for the birthday party gift partly because if we didn't find it, I wanted her to pick some other gift that she wanted to give. Hopefully to avoid to situation with Baba where she was apologizing for a birthday gift because "my mom picked it out."

This meant that the father figure was left alone at home with four children. The father figure who thinks six children is a good idea. He was left, unattended with the fruit of his loins.

Which is why I returned home to discover eighteen raw eggs broken on my hardwood living room floor. Baba and Mac were trying to clean in up. The father figure was MIA and Cinco was wearing raw egg. X-Man was hiding.

Somehow X-Man, with Cinco's assistance, removed the full carton from the fridge Not satisfied with this accomplishment, he brought the full carton to the living room. This would be the same living room that Mac and Baba were sitting watching TV. From the carnage, it was clear that it wasn't just a dropped full of eggs. There were way too many shells spread over way to big a surface area. Cinco was bathed in too much egg yolk. Not to mention, there was very few remnants of eggs in the carton.

What is unclear is what Mac and Baba were actually doing at this time. Also unclear, where the heck the father figure was. I work from home and can be focused on that, too much some might say, but I have yet to lose an entire carton of eggs on my watch.

My displeasure was vocalized loudly and emphatically. The father figure reappeared to attempt to salvage something.What exactly I'm not clear on. Certainly nothing that X-Man had touched. Certainly not my mood. So he found the hiding X-Man and threw him in the bath. And came back out to help clean up. I pointed out that this left X-Man alone in the bathroom. And where X-Man was, Cinco was certain to follow. And indeed she had.

There was X-Man singing happily, undoubtedly about his exploits and accomplishments. Cinco had followed, still deathly afraid of baths, she was uninterested in joining him. She was, however, finding all sorts of things that should join him. Opening several drawers, she threw in a hairspray, toilet paper rolls, toothpaste and tooth brushes. I caught her trying to pull my curling iron out, to toss into the soup she was making. But fortunately the cord, not properly wrapped after the last time Cinco lifted it, was keeping it stuck.

I get gray hairs thinking about the shenanigans comes down the pipe when it comes to those two. Especially considering the father figure is part of my support system. Whoo boy.

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