Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Mardi Gras so I cooked a special dinner for the family. The smoke detectors in our house do not work.

Baby told me that when she grows up she's going to take her kids to school and then go running. Because it is important for moms to have time to themselves. She might be trying to say something.

Mac talks a lot. And by a lot I mean incessantly. His new swim teacher's observation was "He's chatty." I instructed him before swimming to not say silly things and only say important things. I realized that he had been talking to me for four minutes and I didn't know what he had said. At all. About the time I realized that I should be listening, he asked "Do you remember the joke I told you?" I honestly answered "uh no." "For pete's sake mom, I told you it yesterday." Erm I'm pretty sure I told you four minutes ago to be quiet and do your school work.

The father figure informed me that there should be a sixth child. Because, as he matter of factly announced, otherwise he will completely spoil Cinco because she is the cutest to ever exist. I an typing this as Cinco alternates between gnawing/licking the chimney and peering over to make eyes at her father. She knows who butters her bread. I'm just the one who insists she takes naps.

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