Monday, March 24, 2014

The father figure didn’t even bat an eye when I mentioned that the “free” weekend we thought we had…wasn’t. Someone wanted Baby to play in an extra scrimmage…..45 minutes away. Of course, being the insane person I am, well she’s playing. The father figure is learning to roll with it.

It really and truly is my goal to be a good mother.  I had a moment last week where I had to make a choice, do I let go or do I maintain order and discipline? I opted for letting loose for just a moment. I can’t remember how, but suddenly he was trying to blow raspberries on everyone’s bellies. Mine, the one that bore him, nurtured him, well, it too was fair game. As I was trying to clean the kitchen and he was SUPPOSED to be doing math, we had that moment. We made eye contact and I could see that twinkle in his eye, he was considering going in. But he needed to gage how severe my reaction would be. I was there, at that crossing point, do I maintain some sort of dignity and declare mom’s tummy off limits or do I reward the impish nature that decided to push the envelope just that far. Well I wouldn’t be a mediocre mother if I didn’t roll my eyes and say “Well, you’re bringing the consequences upon yourself.” And in he went. He also learned that day that I still could pick him up, hold him by his ankles and do what I thought necessary to his own exposed tummy. In the end, that might have inspired more respect for me.

Later that day, as I was working away in the office, the boy snuck in. He sidled up to me, acted as if he was going to hug me, not at all unusual, and then went in for the kill. I had to give him credit for tactics. The problem was he was so successful he kept trying to repeat it. Only he couldn’t even make it through the door without giggling with glee. Well the first time he made it to the book shelf before busting loose. After that, there were plenty of attempts, but he couldn’t contain himself and his excitement.  And so the day went. Until bedtime. That’s when he upped his attempts, learning that Mom could still stiff arm him. But he breathlessly announced “Now you’re a fun mom!”  

I admit that I was pleased with his reaction. It’s a downside to home schooling; mom tends to be the only disciplinarian around, being both mom and teacher. So as I was wondering if it was a good thing that my son thought I was fun, I was tackled. Baby and X-Man decided that they wanted in on the action. Or maybe they felt bad for their brother, held at an arm’s length by his mother. Baby shrieked “I’ve got her now!” while X-Man sat on me.  And Mac went to town.

The human belly button can contain a surprising amount of spittle.

The uproar eventually caught the attention of the father figure. Cinco and he appeared, observing the chaos before him. Mac had run out of breath, between his uproarious laughter and raspberries, was lying on the floor. X-Man had taken a turn, but wasn’t so successful. He ended up just blowing spit.  The father figure looked unimpressed and slightly perturbed. To which Mac reassured him “Oh don’t worry Daddy, we won’t do this to you….you’re too hairy.

I guess that’s a good thing for me…..somehow.

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