Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's been beautiful here. So while the three older kids were in class, I decided pull out the stroller and take the younger two for a walk. It seemed like the good mother thing to do. Also, I hadn't worked out so I made sure to head towards the big hill. About halfway up I realized that I was pushing sixty plus pounds of dead weight up a very steep hill. Dead weight isn't entirely accurate. In an attempt to make the experience more pleasant for all involved, I placed Cinco in the front seat of the double stroller. She did not approve. Mostly of the seat, I think. Whatever her reason, she spent the entire hike up the incline trying to crawl out of her seat. So it was a race against time. Jillian Michaels, eat your heart out.

I am starting a new blogging venture with several other ladies. Well, I'm not starting, I'm just following along and promising to tone down the sarcasm, which means I'll keep sharing my unfiltered thoughts here. Part of the start up is collecting bios of the women writing. It was suggested that our significant others compose them. Here's what the father figure produced.......

My wife is the second child in a large Shiite Catholic family. She placed in a national speech writing competition and asked to work as a speech writer by a US Congresswoman until she found out that she was only fourteen. Wife has a Degree in Philosophy/Theology with a near minor in Mathematics, a Ph.D in rocket science, has earned a paralegal certificate, and dabbles in brain surgery.  Wife is currently working for (a school with whom she would like to stay employed and therefore will remain anonymous) as a teacher on top of home schooling her six children (if you include her husband).  Where she finds the time to work, home school, run all of her kids to soccer, be an accomplished blog writer, and a loving, thoughtful wife, I’ll never know.

There may be some embellishment going on there. I mentioned to the father figure that it wasn't entirely accurate. He responded that that's how his Father in Law told it to him. It does sound similar to a Christmas letter my father wrote one year..........

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