Monday, March 17, 2014

I was trudging along yesterday, at another soccer game, contemplating the fact that for the first time in my marriage, I had completely forgot my mother in law's birthday. Eventually something caught my eye, it was a fellow soccer parent, a dad whose daughter is on Baby's team. He was jogging alongside me and laughing because it took me so long to notice him. He figured I was trying to ignore him. I admitted that I wasn't actually together enough to ignore him, nope I was really and truly a zombie.

It was NOT like this.
It's been a long few days. I took the kids to the zoo, without the father figure accompanying me. It seemed like the kind of thing that a good mom would do. Because I forgot that good moms don't take children like X-Man out anywhere. The boy LOVED the zoo. He shouted his glee the entire time. He also believed that he should have the non stroller experience. He was released from his restraints by Baby, who reassured me that she would watch him. As she was telling me that everything was ok because she was going to watch him, X-Man was sticking his head in a waterfall. Baby soon tired of chasing X-Man who was convinced that all his woes would be solved by full body immersion in any of the many water features. So I got to wrestle a soaking wet X-Man back into the stroller, only to watch in misery as he figured out how to unbuckle himself.

He did not stay put. I tried to put him in the front so he could see better. No. He would slide out bellowing "ANIMAL!" But he also like stairs. All the stairs. Especially those leading to employee only zones. A friend who was there referred to him as a perpetual motion machine. Apt description.

He also found the construction zone to be fascinating. Various machines were going full force and he was almost mesmerized. He would have been if that was something you could do while running. And of course the construction zone was in the mud. And sand. And running.

Meanwhile, Cinco spilled her drink all over herself and her seat. She also used it to style her hair. And, for those precious moments that X-Man was sitting in front of her, to style his hair as well. Which was particularly enjoyable as the mud and sand definitely needed a yogurt smoothie garnish.

I saw precious little of the animals and a lot of X-Man disappearing around corners. And Mac yelling at me that "X-MAN's RUNNING OFF AGAIN!" This is why I don't do field trips.

It was more like this.....only less contained. 

In the end, I'm not certain if I visited the zoo or I took the zoo for a visit.

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