Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Mom! Cinco is trying to pick my nose with a pencil!"

"Mom! Mac is using the plunger in the potty again!"

"MA! Go potties!"

"Mom! X-Man poured chocolate milk mix in the clean clothes!"

"Mom! Cinco climbed up to Mac's bunk!"

"Mom! Cinco can climb on Baba's bed!"

"MA! Go potties!"

"Mom! I lost my tooth! I was throwing it and I think Cinco ate it!"

"Mom! X-Man gave Cinco your coffee!"

"Mom! Cinco is climbing the shelves of the pantry!"

"Mom! Mac poured X-Man some chocolate milk and forgot to put the stopper in the cup!"


"Mom! Cinco stole X-Man's chocolate milk and won't give it back!"


"Mom! Why are the car lights flashing and the horn honking?"

"MA! Potties! Ponies!"

"Mom! I think X-Man has the car keys!"

"Mom! Cinco's climbing into the dishwasher!"

"Mom! X-Man's running outside and he's not wearing any pants!"

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