Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank the good Lord for cheaply made Chinese furniture that is little more than decorated particle board. Because when X-Man climbs after cups of water on the top of a dresser and pulls it over on himself, he escapes unscathed and refreshed blithely drinking his water while surveying the chaos he created. I cried, he demanded more refreshments and life carried on.

Mark me down for another motherhood fail. I let, or rather even encourage my children to play hide and seek.  My favorite quote is probably “When it comes to hide and seek, what you choose to do it up to you. What’s important is that you’ve come to your decision from an educated and informed place.” Because we’re talking about a game or the proper course of medical treatment, it’s hard to remember. I thought it was all part of the joy of childhood, but it’s actually about training your children to be killer ninjas who lie to you. So clearly, I am responsible for X-Man’s near miss today. Not because I was busy feeding Cinco in another room but because I did not step in when his siblings played hide and seek.  I clearly did not find the appropriate middle ground for my children.  He was just trying to play hide and seek with my water glass. I had hidden it from him and he sought it out.

I’m really glad that the interwebz exists to tell me the dangers that exist all around me. And my children

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