Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The boy pooped in the potty. Winning! He then grabbed the poop from the potty to show me. Not winning! We’ll call the whole thing a wash. Quite literally.

The father figure decided to try to repair the washing machine. I believed that the water leaking was most likely from the front door of the washer. See, Mac took a bite out of the gasket a few years back and we have been living on borrowed time.  However, the father figure thought it was the hoses in the back.  So he took the back off the washer, disconnected the hoses and in the process shorted out the motor. He also discovered that it was indeed the front gasket that was leaking. I would have laughed at him and mocked him but I still owe him.

And I have to tell the story, but fate will not let me tonight. Because, apparently no matter how many kisses you blow me on your way to bed, it’s all a ruse.  Gotta go!

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