Thursday, August 29, 2013

It takes trust exercises to a whole 'nother level when you allow your husband to take a sledge hammer to your living room. Or it's a special form of crazy. Time will tell I guess.

Mac got upset at soccer tonight. For some reason he was giving puny little passes. His coach encouraged him to put some leg into the whole process. He obliged, complete with a running start, stop,  aim and wiped out. Whiffed it completely. It was as if I myself was on that field. And naturally laughter followed. Led, possibly, by his mother. He turned to his coach, almost tearfully and said "Everyone is laughing at me."

Now that's a mommy fail.

Even so, I was happy to hear him say that. For too long, as yes I realize the boy is still just five, he really seemed to thrive on being goofy. The class, or team, clown, if you will. He would act out, get laughs and up the ante. So to hear him want to just try, and fail, but just be left alone to try again, was actually exciting for me.

So I made sure to only offer encouragement from the sidelines after that. The "oh get up your fine" did weasel its way in to my commentary, but I did enjoy watching my little guy get serious about something. And to watch him work hard at something that he's not particularly good at. Bodes well for first grade.

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