Monday, September 2, 2013

X-Man removed his diaper. I put him on the potty. X-Man used the potty. I gave him a treat. We may have come to an understanding.

We have purchased a home. Again. Not the same home twice. But sort of. Not much bigger. Not much of a change of scene. But the father figure has a vision, both short term and long term. So here we are. Well, we are at my inlaws. The father figure is at the house weilding weapons of mass destruction.

I waited until closing to start purchasing items for the house. This required copious amounts of self control, not just in the three weeks it took to close, but in the months that led up to this purchase. We sold our first home with one game plan in mind. We ended up no where near that game plan, but whatever. Moving forward.

So, I was purchasing items for our home. Mac was with me and informed me that he needed a toy. Yes needed. I tried to explain to him the difference between needing and wanting. He clarified "There's only one toy I need. There are lots of toys I want." Again, I reminded him of the difference between wanting and needing. Mac saw that I was confused as to his predicament and explained to me "If I don't get that toy, I will explode."

Now that's a new one. He was very serious and looked at me with reproach. I was risking his life here. I blasaly replied "Well, make sure you clean up the mess." He stopped walking and I had to turn to see him "Mom. If I explode, I will be gone." Oh, well then, let's go grab that two dollar Spiderman toy.

Or not. I informed my first born son that his possible explosion was a risk I was willing to take. Mac resigned himself to carrying out items that I had purchased, knowing he had given it his all.

There's a new term in the house. Bumbo Butt. I'll have to explain tomorrow.

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