Thursday, September 5, 2013

Here in the PNW, there has to be lightening in order for soccer practice to be cancelled. So monsoon weather aside, it's business as usual.

X-Man is completely uninterested in soccer. He is, however, smitten with football. He kept toddling away from Baby's practice field and settling himself down on the football field itself. One does not think agile when looking at X-Man. One does think linebacker. So, we'll see what happens.

A chunk of the day was spent hauling the debris from the house we managed to destroy without even living in. The kiddos did a remarkable job clearly it up. They vigorously campaigned to watch X-Man rather that haul sheet rock. Mac said it best  "I'd rather watch X-Man so I can play."

X-Man had yet another meltdown. This one was instigated when he realized that Cinco was in the baby carrier, not abnormal, however she was on my back so I could carry debris. The back in X-Man's location, Cinco belongs in the front. And this alarmed X-Man greatly. He stumbled around behind me screeching "MA Up, up MA UP!!!" Whatever it takes to convince the child he's not a baby and therefore ought to be using the potty.

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