Monday, September 9, 2013

Forget bombing Syria, we should all focus our rage on Sweden, because they gave the world this. And that folks, is true terrorism. I was showing it to the father figure and had to pause it lest it give the fruit of his loins nightmares.

This morning's panicked conversation went something like this....
"The keyboard won't work on the computer" 
"Is it plugged in?"
"Of course it's plugged in. That would be the first thing I'd check." 
"Well then I'll have to take a look at it when I get home."

There is a massive jungle of wires around the computer. Apparently there are several that run from the keyboard and plug into the back of the computer. And many of them are green. Long story short, the keyboard works. And has been plugged back in.

There were many errands to run today. And a lot of waiting for the contractor to arrive at the house. I think everyone ended up frazzled. There was copious amounts of screaming coming from the back of the car and I might I have asked in a raised tone of voice "What the sam hill is going on back there?" Mac helpfully announced "Just now's the time of the day that we fight." Well then.

As Baba got kicked out of the car for her soccer practice and we headed off to Baby's, I heard Baby hissing at Mac "and then you are going to get a disease that makes your hair fall out and red spots all over your body and your breath will really stink." Mac wailed out "Baby! That's really not polite!"

He has a point. And I'm torn between finishing school or military academies for my little darlings.

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