Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"You know, for someone who never knows what to write about, you sure type a lot." Helpful observations from the father figure.

I don't really have much to talk about. The father figure and I sorted out some of those marriage issues that like to come up. We did manage to come to an agreement. He asked if I was going to blog about the issue and I told him "Agree with me and I won't." I won. And I will now blog for the rest of my life.

Mac observed today that it is hard to be a boy and he is tired. "Being a boy is sooo hard. You have to open doors for girls. And my arms are tired." Baby would have none of T-Rex boy's complaints "I open doors all the time and I'm not tired. What's wrong with your arms?" Good question and one that Mac was quick to answer. "I had to brush my teeth and get dressed. And make my bed. I am SO tired." Me thinks that first grade is going to be an ugly reality for the boy.

X-Man hung out at the playground during the girls' soccer practices. He stood at the top of the slide and bellowed "MA!!!!!" I hurried into position and said "Ok, ready, set, go!" And.....nothing. X-Man furrowed his brow and yelled firmly "MMMAAA!!!!" I was perplexed and repeated "ready set go." This prompted a stream of incoherent babble with a few "NOs" interjected in. I shook my head "dude, this is what we did last time, I have no idea what you want." He stood up, said three syllables quite emphatically and sat down, preparing to slide. He cocked his eyebrow at me and waited. "On your mark, get set, go?" "MAAAAA NO MAAAAA NO!!!!" I KNOW. On your mark get set go is what we say when you are throwing balls down the stairs to me. Or when I throw them back at you. When you are on the playground it's ready, set, go. Or so I thought. And you are seriously getting ready to slide down the slide and beat me.

Mac came running around the slide and shouted "One two three X-Man!!!" And down X-Man came. He stood at the foot of the slide, grabbed my legs and shouted the same three syllables at me. Apparently, it's one two three. Ok.

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