Thursday, July 18, 2013

In a moment of superb fail, Baby walked in on the father figure and I engaged in a heated exchanged of varying opinions. She looked askance, so I had to reassure her “don’t worry honey, there’s no one else I’d rather fight with than daddy.” The father figure helpfully added “It’s true.” I’m not sure what he was referring to, my pleasure in proving him wrong or his obstinate wrongness. Either way, she responded “But when do I get to watch THOR?” Because in the end it wasn’t the disagreement that concerned her, it was the interfering with her evening plans.

Watching Mac and X-Man take a bath together is like watching Jack Sprat and his wife.  X-Man takes the wifely honors in this one. He’s within seven pounds of his brother, who is older by for years. He’s also getting more frustrated by his almost ability to communicate. Or at least he assumes that’s why I don’t feed him constantly. Which is his preferred state of existence. Recently he found himself lying on the floor wailing. I had things to do, places I needed him to be and a baby in my arms. So I started rolling him with my foot. X-Man was so astonished that he was unable to stop his motion for a few moments. The result was he was outraged even more than before, especially since he had to get up off the floor in order to return to his previous location. But as his audience had moved on, he was quickly distracted by sunlight.
All the children have been enjoying visiting their future aunt and uncle. Mac knows future aunt Lolly’s name but still refers to his uncle, my brother, as “that guy.” He also has taken a particular delight in the future husband of his aunt, my sister.
What began as a game of chess devolved into a wrestling match, with Mac bellowing “I love playing with you and doing this and when you aren’t here I pretend you are” to his future uncle. And so the wild shenanigans continued. At one point Mac announced that he needed the future uncle to stay still so that Mac could slay him. Which is fine because he will be able to live forever……IN HEAVEN!!!!!  But Mac did have a qualification “Well, you could go to hell also, but I don’t want you to do that because then I can’t play with you.” According to Mac the way to get to Heaven is to give money to the poor, but only when no other rich people are. Also, he doesn’t know any prayers. He told his aunt “I am not joking,”  

And so, Mac will kill his uncle to be in order to wrestle with him in Heaven, where Mac entered because he gave money to the poor while not praying.

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