Sunday, July 14, 2013

Everything went well until the car was parked. The father figure removed X-Man from his carseat and asked "ready to go to church?" X-Man was definitely in the not so church going sort of mood. And that's how I came to be outside the church with a wailing X-Man. Fortunately it hadn't rained recently, so I didn't have to keep him from trying to drink the rain water accumulated on the railing. Not that he didn't go looking for it. I got to lug the 40 lb heathen around because he hadn't forgiven the father figure for driving him there. How he knew there were no doughnuts, I have no idea, but it would have been nice for him to spread the word to his siblings. Fewer questions for me to field. 

Mac has a new game he plays with his cousins. It’s called the “Cutie Game.” No wait, it gets better. He shoots candy and rainbows. When I heard this, I admit it was with trepidation that I asked “from where?” “From my stomach. I do it like this.” He then punched himself in the stomach.

From what I could tell, this game was an excuse to make retching and barfing noises for his cousins. Occasionally I would look over and he’d reassure me “It’s ok, I’m just shooting rainbows.”  I guess this is what comes of playing “kid friendly” Wii games. You decide to vanquish spiders with kit kats.

Or, it’s how you play weird violent games with your cousins while holding your mom at bay. Your guess is as good as mine. 

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