Monday, July 1, 2013

blogger is wigging out and making me title this

Wrestling alligators should be a mandatory part of child birth classes. It’s possible that you won’t use those skills immediately, but you will need those skills. Like say when the ear, nose and throat doctor suggests that nasal spray will be the treatment of choice for your soon to be two year old. I don’t know who in their right mind thinks that a sane course of action involves keeping a toddler in a sleeper hold while shoving things up his nose, but if it avoids general anesthesia.  And if you think asking the pharmacist during his consult for some tips, be prepared for uber helpful suggestions like “uh, ooh, that’s hard. Um yeah, he’s not going to like it. Maybe try bribing him.”

It’s close to 100 degrees here. So Baba’s soccer team thought that a hike would be a good idea. From the reports I heard, it was seven miles up hill. Always up hill. Not that that kept them from swimming for three hours after that. And I was the mean one, calling it a day ten hours in “but we were about to roast marshmallows!” Something tells me that the 8am speed and agility camp is going to be an ugly reality come tomorrow.

Baba’s coach mentioned that she and one other teammate were lagging behind during the hike. They had their arms around each other’s shoulders, helping hold the other’s backpack. They were chattering away. He was pulling up the rear, and strained to listen. He had to redouble his efforts because it sounded like they were talking about division. He was surprised and continued eavesdropping. Yep, division it was and why decimal division was so “not cool.”  He happened upon them later on trying to explain pi to another teammate.  The conversation went something like “no it’s not cobbler, it’s 3.14” “what? What are you talking about?” “Pi” “pie?” “Yeah, in math.” “You mean when you cut it into fractions?” “No, I don’t think so.” “Well where does it come from?” “I don’t know. Who’s your favorite singer?”

Over all it was a decent showing. Now if I just hadn’t heard Baby spelling car with a “k”.


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