Monday, May 5, 2014

"Hey! Who's kid is that?" Those are never good words to hear. Especially at a soccer game. Especially if you realize you don't know where X-Man is.
No worries. Two full teams, and their families, knew right where X-Man was. Two fields over, there was my son. Standing in the middle of the field, staring intently at my phone. The phone I handed him while saying "sit down right there and don't move." Well that worked well.
It's not that I was ignoring him. It was that I was trying to keep Cinco controlled. It had occurred to her, apparently for the first time, that soccer is played with a ball. And she should have the ball. Immediately. So I tried to distract her with another ball, which was not the ball that the other girls were playing with and therefore unacceptable.  Furthermore, there was a white line painted on the grass. Clearly in was intended to be crossed, so cross it Cinco would. No matter the lengths Mom went to stop her.
She fought the good fight, complete with shrieking,  tears and hitting. Her mother ensured that a good time was not had by all.  So it was inevitable that wanderlust would hit X-Man at the same moment.
He tried to play it cool, casually strolling through the crowds and across the fields. He stayed focused on my phone while ambling through the middle of a field of play. But he did pause and make eye contact with me. And that's when that sly smile crept across his face. The smile that says "Look at me mom, I'm being naughty." It's a smile that was introduced to me by my oldest but X-Man has turned it into a masterpiece,  complete with arched eyebrow. 
The eyebrow unarched quickly when X-Man was scooped up by a father and ushered off the field.  He was not amused and fairly certain that he had been victimized somehow. His displeasure was recorded and  noted. Meanwhile Cinco noted my distraction and made a break for it.
Baby was obvious to the chaos. She was feeling rather unchallenged during the game and had taken to shooting  goals with
her left foot. Or so I was told. I wasn't really focused on her game. I was enjoying the different scenery in which to yell at my children.

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