Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We were back at the doctor’s again. X-Man had a great time. As it had been a long time since we had been there, a whole six months, we went through checklists….again. No, X-Man doesn’t have arthritis, no X-Man doesn’t use a walker…, no, no. This delighted X-Man greatly, and he clued in pretty quickly that the answer to everything was no and happily bellowed the answers. Which helped convince everyone that checking his hearing might be the right choice.

X-Man was having a meltdown in the bathroom today. I didn’t let him keep my tablet while sitting on the potty. We tried that before and it ended up with my tablet in a pile of rice for a week. Of course, where X-Man is, Cinco is too. And before long both were screaming. X-Man in rage, Cinco in solidarity. As I tucked the tablet away, the shrieking got louder and more passionate and angry. I momentarily panicked as it occurred to me that X-Man might have turned his rage on Cinco. She was getting more shrill while X-Man was bellowing even louder.  Judging myself and my folly by leaving the children unattended, I stumbled upon the source of their rage. They had managed to lock themselves in the bathroom, which was its own source of potential catastrophe, but fortunately did not involve any blood drawing.

Bad mommy me had to laugh the scene in the bathroom. They sounded as if I had canceled Christmas and made them allergic to candy.  They were both pounding on the not latched door, with their heads. Knowing my children as I do, X-Man was leading and Cinco was imitating. As I gently pushed it open, I was greeted by snotty, tear stained faces. Complete over reactions to the situation. They were so hysterical that X-Man had forgotten to climb up on the sink and turn the water on and Cinco had forgotten to empty out the cabinet. Somehow it’s comforting to know that I still have that much influence over their lives. Or that they think so anyway.

The antics are dying down around here. Mostly because X-Man has acquiesced to using the potty and the weather is beautiful, which means everyone is outside as much as possible. It’s almost as if they’re gearing up for the other shoe to drop.

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