Monday, May 19, 2014

Nothing screams “HAPPY MONDAY!!!!” quite like both boys waking up at 6:15am. It’s almost as if the father figure installed anti-blackout drapes in their room. And nothing wakes a sleeping baby up quite like a couple of boys storming into my bedroom at 6:18am on Monday asking “Can we have breakfast?”

Baba had a question about her math this morning. It wasn’t too complicated, but I wanted to make sure she was clear on the concepts. So in the five minutes it took me, Cinco emptied the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom, while X-Man offered encouragement from the potty. She then moved on to my bedroom where she removed the closet door from the rails. While X-Man drew on the walls, apparently outlining their plans for the door. I hastened to their plotting when Cinco started screaming. Because she couldn’t lift the door.

As I attempted to restore order, X-Man ate the face off of a candle shaped like a monkey that I had had since college. He seemed offended that it did not taste good. Cinco tried to sweep the windows. Baba had another question, and I figured I should probably help her. That was probably not the right choice. X-Man and Cinco determined that I had been slacking on laundry. So they proceeded to help me. X-Man carried the clean laundry to the location determined by Cinco. The oven. It’s one way to solve drying and putting away issue.

Ah Monday.

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