Thursday, May 8, 2014

I miss the way we were.

There was a time when all you wanted in life was for me to hold you. Now, you want me to hold you, and let you drink my coffee and use my phone. While poking my eyes and trying to shove your fingers up my nose.

You use to light up when you saw me. Now you run away screaming "No, no no potty. No night night. NO OW NO!!!!"

You used to smile and turn your face up to meet the rain drops. Now you scream at me when I don't let you lick rain drops off cars.

You used to like to nurse. Now you demand to nurse while playing the hokey pokey.

You used to snuggle in my lap and watch TV. Now you try to eat the remote and demand to watch "Plonies" or "Homas."

You used to delight in eating any sort of baby treat. Now everything is inedible unless it is on my plate.

You used to let me dress you up, pretty head bands and cute shoes. Now you remove your clothing and throw your shoes. And scream if I don't pull the car over to put your shoes back on.

I used to be able to change your diapers. Now it becomes a wrestling match. But as you love to poop, the stakes are much higher.

You used to sleep through the night. Now you realized I try to do stuff when you sleep and you're afraid you're missing out.

You used to babble the sweetest things to me. Now I'm pretty sure you're cursing me out.

I used to be cute. Good thing you still are.

We can make this work, but you must stop moving the goal posts on me!

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  1. I am right there with you! Toddlers are so tough!!