Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If your day didn't involve Cheerios thrown at you during your shower......you had a different day than I did.

Cinco decided to scream bloody murder for 45 minutes this morning, starting around 4am. I had given up on soothing her and was just going to let her scream in her bed when the ultimate trump card was played. Not one but two police cars pulled up in front of our house. I immediately regretted keeping some windows opens to cool the house down. The officers proceeded to knock on a different door. Cinco also let out an impressive belch and immediately passed out. The officers talked to someone for a while and moved on. The father figure was very much not interested in the goings on outside, and I was convinced that I would be arrested for some sort of failure at parenting.

I'd write more, but I committed to giving a brief talk tonight and my hastily jotted notes during swimming class, on the back of doctor's instructions for X-Man, aren't really cutting it. I used to be able to swing these things, pop up, give a brief talk and everything continue on swimmingly. It's how I aced my public speaking course in college. But along the way I sprained my brain and find myself trying to count to purple.

I will now try to get dressed to go out in public. Hopefully I will not have to dodge cereal in the process. Although they seem to have moved on to cheezit crackers.

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