Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I’m not a strong willed person. I’m my family of origin’s pushover member (much to the delight of a sister a full decade younger than me). So when it comes to battling X-Man, it’s a particularly exhausting experience. He is the father figure’s son through and through.

So I was actually surprised when X-Man decided that he would indeed use the potty on a regular basis. It was certainly a relief. He’s also accepted the wearing of underpants, which is better for the entire planet. Especially since we have large windows in the front of the house, before which X-Man enjoys prancing.

But there are downsides to a potty trained child. Especially if he is feeling particularly confident in his abilities. Recently, X-Man has decided that he doesn’t need to be accompanied to the potty. He’s not very neat but all in all, things are ok if he takes himself potty. It’s the entourage that’s the problem. Namely, Cinco. X-Man and Cinco have become rather inseparable recently. And there is no universe where X-Man and Cinco tag teaming anything is a good thing.

In all reality, I should not have been horrified, at least I should not have been surprised, to find X-Man and Cinco hanging out together in the bathroom. Nor should I have been surprised to find them playing in the potty. I was surprised that it had been so completely used and not flushed, as that tends to be X-Man’s favorite part of the experience.  X-Man was probably angling for a second bath that day. On the positive side, at least this was one time that Cinco decided to not attempt to empty the bathroom drawers into the potty.

Cinco loves the potty and hate the bath. I am perplexed. She doesn’t want to take a bath in the tub. She also considered sponge baths in the sink the closest thing to being flayed alive without CPS being involved. But she loves the potty. I haz the confuzed. She had the outrage. 

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