Monday, June 2, 2014

In today’s first world problems:

Baby has learned why I insist she read the book before seeing the movie. Recently she’s seen The Book of Ember and the two Percy Jackson movies. She is still indignant. She kept a running commentary of everything they were doing wrong and why the books were so much better. She was almost offended that they even thought they were telling the same story.

Mac is very pleased that he has learned to ride his bike. However, he would like it to “not be so sweaty.”

Cinco has decided that I am not busy enough. So she has taken to climbing. Everything. In the three minutes it took me to get the older girls situated with their tests, Cinco climbed up on the table, walked across it, climbed onto the counter, opened the cupboard and started removing coffee cups. It is an act of extreme cruelty to remove her from this position.

X-Man successfully thwarted my newest attempts to torture him. His first trip to the dentist started at the
prize box and ended at the prize box. And he only head butted me once.

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