Monday, October 7, 2013

Starry eyed home  buyers saw the wood floors through the house and thought "how beautiful." They did not consider the consequences of placing a nearly mobile infant fully clothed on said wood floor. And she's outta here!

Seriously, even Cinco surprises herself as to how fast she can move her little diaper across any floor on the lower level. Her mixture of vaulting, army crawling and sliding is quite effective. The only direction she's  interested in heading is the direction of power cords. Any and all. Which makes our quality work time in my office not nearly as productive as you might think.

It's ok. There is a time to work and a time to snuggle my little sweeties. They are little for such a few precious moments, and it's a tiny fraction of those short moments when they actually want to sit still in mama's arms. So drink it in, bury your face in their ridiculously over grown curls. Enjoy them as they tickle your nose, he won't allow you to savor them for long. Hold their little chubby baby hands in yours. Trace their fingers with yours, don't worry about the dirt encrusted in their nails, don't wonder how it got their and why seven consecutive baths don't improve the situation at all. Rub their little jean clad thighs, let not your mind wander to whatever it is crusted on their pants. It's probably just peanut butter, from lunch. Because you put clean pants on today...didn't you? Took them out of the drawer. Of course Mac was cleaning up the room last night so who knows what got shoved  in where. Sweet little darlings. What's the point of shoes if you take them off the minute you get outside? Where have you taken those feet? Focus! These moments pass so quickly. And as much as they love you, they don't always fit in your lap. It is priceless time. A time that your heart will ache for. All too soon.

A mother will have a physical reaction when snuggling her little one. There's a peaceful relaxation that takes over. Knowledge that every second is a gift. And if that little hand reaches up to stroke your face while starring off in the distance....melt. You slide into a puddle of mushy joy. You can feel the love literally spread through your body, its warmth washing over you. Warm snugglinesss. And wet, wet too. Yeah.....

So wrapped up in the moment, missed the missing diaper. Good to know he's perfectly comfortable.

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