Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's never a good sign if you hear odd crashing noises in the ceiling. Ones similar to what you think squirrels or a large rodent would make. It's especially not good if you hear those noises in the office, which is directly under X-Man's room. And he's supposed to be napping.

The boy had pried the grate off the heater vent and chirped "Ball go bye mom!" when I investigated further. He might have a new favorite toy.

I was having a serious discussion with Mac the other night. He admitted that he had seen a movie that gave him nightmares. I panicked, thinking of some of the shows that I had let him see, some that might have been too much for him. He liked Iron Man, didn't see Transformers 2, of course that would have given anyone nightmares. I asked him which movie bothered him. He looked down and said "Well it scares me to say, but it was Phinneas and Ferb." Well then. I'm not sure I wasn't taken for the let's postpone sleep ride.

The girls were making up jokes and sharing them during dinner. We have finally progressed past the point of "knock knock" "who's there?" "snow" "snow who" "chicken." Yeah, those alleged jokes really bothered the father figure. He kept trying to tell them "It has to be funny for a reason!" Mac finally decided that he wanted in on the humor action. "Mom I have a joke." "Oh really, what is it?" "Well, I don't really want to talk about it." He was working the irony angle apparently.

Or something.

I will continue to be held hostage until Tuesday, when my van gets a new computer. So I will have a running car and a window instead of plywood in my living room. If I'm not careful, I'm going to start putting on airs.

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