Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm sure you're all missing me and wondering why I didn't blog yesterday. I know I am.

I was kicked out of my house. By chemtrails. Or chemicals. Or something. Whatever they use to seal refinished hardwood floors. So, off to grandma's house we go.......wait I've been on this ride before.

So, the children who have always been fairly cooperative with bedtimes and not so cooperative. And have been running around the house. Mostly to their Nana who hugs them and loves them and tells them they are so cute. It's not helping.

And there's been a moment of weirdness.......which in my life isn't that unusual, but this was weird.

So this is a British actress named Jodhi May. She's about my age and my height and there are some similarities in our features. Oks she looks quite a bit like me. Or I like her, as she is older. I first became aware of her existence in 1992 when the film The Last of the Mohicans came out. The movie was acceptable and all that, my friends became obsessed for a while, but I grew tired of the whole thing. So I created the Help Through Strength Society and sent them anonymous letters advertising seminars to help them get over their addiction to the movie and the actor Daniel Day Lewis. The idea came to me while in church, which means on of two things, I wasn't paying attention or it was divinely inspired. I'm going with the latter. In case you were wondering, no one took me up on my seminar offerings. And, to add insult to injury, they assumed my older sister came up with the idea. She's always stealing my thunder. Seriously, she was three states away, and her baby shower gift totally out shown mine. Somehow hand crocheted baby cowboy boots are WAY more popular than baby jammies.

But I digress. As chemical refugees, we are all sleeping in my sisters' bedroom. And there are hand painted images from the movie in the room. That's the advantage to having artist friends obsesses with something, free artwork! And of course, Alice Munroe, portrayed by the aforementioned actress, is depicted.

So Nana comes into the room to say goodnight, and X-Man charges over to great her. After hugs and snuggles, he grabbed her hand and said "Mama, mama." I, being as attentive as always responded "I'm over here dude." Nana, fully aware that his mama was not outside the room, where he seemed to be wanting to head, just stood and smile. But X-Man was not to be deterred began to push her leg. Puzzled, Nana began to walk. X-Man rushed around put his arms up and said "up peeeze!" Nana obliged and then he pointed to a picture by the door. A depiction of a certain character from Last of the Mohicans. He pointed and said "Mama, mama." And then wanted down.

I would have assumed that his siblings put him up to it, but they hadn't ever seen the picture before either. Mac helpfully explained to him "That's not mom, that's some weird person." I have to admit, it's not the most flattering depiction of the person in question. And if that's how X-Man sees me, I'm just a little alarmed.

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