Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cinco is doing everything she can to keep me from writing tonight. I guess that's what happens when you get shots while teething. Misery loves company and all that jazz.

It fashion that is becoming alarmingly common for Miss Cinco, she made it very clear what she thought of the whole going to the doctor routine. She made her statement in neon yellow squishy smelliness. X-Man, on the other hand simply continued his routine behavior while at the doctor. Not cooperative. When the doctor asked him if he talked, X-Man defiantly announced "nuhun...not talk." Complete with a fierce frown, in case the message wasn't clear. Meanwhile Mac added the constant stream of consciousness "I'd like a sticker now. Which one should I get? I saw one I want. I'd like a sticker now." He left with a minion sticker.

A passing thought, the father figure is using the vacuum again. I bought it after we moved in and he has, I am not so ashamed to say, used it more often than I have.Apparently the extra tools appeal to men. I'm thinking about writing the company to encourage them to to add this fact to their advertising. Or maybe it's just that vacuuming hardwood floors is more rewarding or something. Whatever it is, I'm loving it.

There is a slight chance that I am overreacting to a circumstance. Or something. Some very pushy alarm company salesmen showed up in the door. They really wanted to come in, and indeed tried to. Every warning bell I had was going off. I was so uncomfortable that I wasn't even snarky. And that's certainly something. I considered telling them that we had contracted the services of Misters Smith and Wesson. Only I'm not sure what kinda of weapons those are or if they are still made. Nor did I want to throw anything out there that would attract unsavory characters to my abode again, searching for items that most certainly do not belong to them. I read some stories about break ins that occurred in town, after being contacted by "alarm" salesmen. And, in a fit of Internet stupidity, I read the comments after the articles. Mostly from alleged neighbors describing door to door alarm salesmen, with pushy demeanors.

That being said, googling the name of the company led to several complaints about their sales staff, including repeating the exact same spiel. Which should have set my mind at ease. But it didn't. Not even my second glass of wine did. I'm bracing for a break in at 6:30 am, as their modus operandi dictates. If I am indeed overreacting, which I am certainly hoping I am, I will share the story of my mostest greatest overreaction to date. Which is extremely embarrassing, but also, I'm afraid, rather amusing to others. So, if I'm not robbed in the next few days.......

Speaking of over reaction, I have learned that I am not to post sweet anecdotes about dearly beloved family members on facebook. No matter what I say, other family members will freak out and call.Thereby spilling the beans that I related a story that shows how the whole world sees her the way we do. The amount of trouble my siblings get me into even now. I wish I hadn't wanted to grow up so much!

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