Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I will keep things short and sweet as copious amounts of family are still in town. Not to mention, the children all tend to disappear and while I'm sure they're all up to no good, it's no good of which I am unaware, so......I have little to discuss.

This is not to say I haven't learned things over the last few days.

My house holds twelve children remarkably well. I'm a little concerned. I had sold the father figure on the supposed fact that our home is too small for anymore children This argument might have blown out of the water. However, the father figure has taken up more X-Man wrestling in the recent past and that whole gleam in his eye has significantly dimmed.

Salted coffee is not good. In any way. What I haven't learned is how salted coffee came to be. Yes, the reason why my salt supply was decimated was partly due to X-Man climbing on the counter and dumping it all over the stove top. However, I still can't wrap my head around him dumping it in the sugar container. That takes a level of wiliness that I am still not certain that he possesses. Although he does continually surprise me. No other child will cop to it, so the mystery remains.

Muting your phone DOES NOT silence games. At least not if X-Man turns on Angry Birds: Star Wars, during his aunt's wedding. It's a good thing the game blasts the theme at the beginning, otherwise not everyone would have known what he was doing.

If there is a family barbecue to celebrate your brother in law's birthday, X-Man will strip down completely......because.

Cinco is completely my child. Part of her morning routine involves bringing me shoes to put on her. Part of her life routine involves removing her shoes constantly. And growing. So I discovered that she had lost the shoes (yes I'm blaming the baby here) that fit her and the shoes that her sister had put on her were very small. I found myself in Target with all the children, shopping for shoes for Cinco. She started to hyperventilate when we reached the shoe aisle. She laid down in the seat of the cart, with her legs high up in the air, waving her feet. In case I didn't know where to put her shoes, which, considering the missing pair, is a valid point. She was VERY happy. I had to remove the tag to give to the clerk as she would not remove the shoes themselves.

Tomorrow I am taking to children to a park where there is water nearby. I give it five minutes before they have all fallen in. Their knack for divining water and then throwing themselves bodily into it isn't useful in any way. They got it from me.

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