Monday, July 14, 2014

I am sitting at Mac's flag football practice looking at all the pretty, pretty hair. Longer and more coiffed than mine. It's a coed team, but it would be the boys who are rocking the flowing locks. Down to the side braid action. It was unexpected.

Baba is unfamiliar with any doo-wap music because, as she explained to her father, she doesn't listen to '80s music. And totally not '70s either.

It isn't a good thing, when visiting family, to hear your nephew say "Hey X-Man, wait......where are your pants." It good thing that a toddler can't move too fast with arms full of toys and pants around the ankles.

Cinco's still mad that I wouldn't let her wander around the house with a steak knife. Also, I still labor under the assumption that coffee should not be served in a communal family cup. Which is a personal affront to 
Cinco. Furthermore, I won't let her drink the bubbles. 

And now there's crying in football.....I'm so confused. Looks like Mac's practicing his touchdown dance. All in all, for the family introduction to's going to be interesting. 

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