Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who has two thumbs and just now realized that X-Man has a double ear infection. Well, not so much realized, but figured something was wrong enough to warren a trip to Urgent Care. Side note, Tuesday evening is an excellent time to visit Urgent Care, if you don’t want to spend five hours waiting.

X-Man has definitely been off his feed. Rather literally, which is always a sign that something is wrong with the boy. He’s been whiney and cranky, which I was thinking might be related to Gestated Cinco.  Just yesterday, instead of his typical MAMAMAMAMAMA in my general direction, he walked up with his arms out and yelled “Mama, mine.”

But when he spent the hour at the playground sitting in my lap, I figured something was wrong. Poor little kid. He’s not unhappy about his sister, he’s unhappy with his mother. Whoops. Should have known my sweet easy going little boy needed antibiotics, on top of the extra attention I thought he was craving.

So that’s my motherhood fail for today. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d try to figure out how Mac got jelly smeared all over his pants while trying to eat his sandwich. It truly looks like he took the sandwich apart and face planted the bread on his lap. Which is actually a possibility with him.

Tomorrow I take all five in to get the alignment of the car fixed. Oh the story is writing itself. 

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