Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mac was bouncing on a big bouncing ball today and announced “I must be doing everything God wants because I haven’t gotten hurt yet.” That’s a slightly alarming line of thinking from a boy. Oh yeah, I haven’t fallen off the roof yet, God must LOVE this idea.

This is the same little boy who used to try to jump from the kitchen counter to the dinner table. I caught him mid preparation once, which taught him the importance of surveying the landscape before launch. Not that he knew what to do with those who were observing him. He seemed convinced that simply telling me “No mom, don’t look at me. PLEASE MOM don’t look at me, go watch TV” would do the trick. He was quite flustered by the fact that when he suggested that I go play the Wii, I didn’t jump at the opportunity. Which he most certainly would have. In more ways than one.

Necessity is the mother of invention. So, his next tactic was to bring me a book and say “here mom, I think you should read this” then scamper off towards the kitchen. He was completely flummoxed by my lack of interest in “Oh the Places You Will Go” and my very great interest in the places he was trying to go.

Mac got his revenge in his own way. I would be half way through my treadmill run and suddenly found myself dodging cars and dinosaurs. Much to Mac’s great amusement. He would lie on the floor next to the treadmill and gleefully chuckle “whee” While his pregnant mother jumped and yelled. This only added to the glee.

Part of my delight in Mac is based in his utter lack of guile. He’s quite straightforward in his intentions. Even when he thinks he’s being discreet. Why else when I called to him “Mac are you cleaning your room like I asked?” would he respond “Yes, but don’t come check.” As he hadn’t gotten hurt yet, whatever he was doing, it was all in God’s plan.

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