Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weddings have been in the forefront of our minds recently.  There are cousins and aunts and such getting engaged and frolicking in such romantic frivolity.

We first started analyzing weddings back before X-Man was born. Another aunt was planning a wedding which caused Mac to ask “why is Auntie marrying Bob?” Baba responded with a rather irritated “Because they’re in love.” How was this even up for debate? But Baby had other ideas “No, because he is her boyfriend!!!” Clearly she was aware of how the whole thing worked.

Thinking about love and boyfriends got me thinking. It’s years away, but I still think about whomever it is that they each choose to bring home. Such different personalities. Baba’s love language is words of affirmation. Baby’s love language is touch. Mac’s is punching. It’s going to be interesting.

As weddings come and go, there are conversations about the kiddos’ hopes and dreams. It certainly is something they do think about. Baba wants to marry a man with a good job. Baby wants to marry a man with an elephant.  The Pachadrmy quality of a man is essential. I have a feeling there are a few issues that I should address with Baby, such as the proper care and feeding  of elephants.  Seeing that she has announced "when I grow up I'm going to have a baby, be a bride and be a doctor." The proper order of such blessed events should also be addressed.

 In the same conversation Baba "I'm going to be a teacher."  Very nice.  Mac chimed in “I’m going to be a Transformer and my name will be Bonkhead." Alarmingly prescient. 

Certainly conversations that involve marriage and the future address my grandchildren.
Baby’s plans include “when I grow up, I'm going to watch my kids and make sure that they are always safe and no bad guys get them." Mac “I’m just going to be Iron Man." Works for me.

I wonder what  X-Man’s hopes and dreams include. I hope they’re as wild and crazy as his siblings.

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