Monday, December 2, 2013

It's Monday. That means X-Man christened my new furniture, the father figure's car still doesn't run, although it's been "fixed" three times, the police haven't contacted me back about the report I filed. The Christmas gifts I ordered are out of stock, sorry we forgot to update the website.  And I'm out of diaper wipes. In care you're wondering, there's been a plethora of poop today.

Cinco's been crabby and refused to sleep last night. She made sure to keep us informed of her whereabouts all night. Right next to my ear. Never left. Never quit. As I was complaining to a friend, who is helping clear up the chaos of a project I'm supposedly running, I happened to feel a tooth up top her mouth. Context provided. It helped clear things up, especially since the father figure had been insisting that she was feverish and should have Tylenol last night. And by should have, he meant that I should get out of bed and get her some because he most certainly didn't. He was on to something. This also means that this delightful behavior should last another couple of weeks. Wahoo.

Google maps is creepy folks. We used Android tracker to narrow my stolen tablet's location down to approximately twenty meters. Based upon the wifi usage. The father figure pulled up google maps to try to determine which out of the two houses it was most likely at. We saw soccer balls in the front yard and went with that one. While we both indulged in fantasies of ringing the door bell, in this nice middle class neighborhood, and asking if they had stumbled upon a tablet by chance, it's just a little disturbing to know this much about someone. Although, I guess you're asking for your privacy to be violated the minute you stick your hand in someone else's purse.

I'm considering investing in a taser for X-Man. I'm at my wits' end. In the five second it took me to answer Mac's math question, X-Man managed to dump three cereal boxes worth of cereal on the floor of the pantry. He settled himself down and was crushing each piece individually with his fingers. He also opened the oven while dinner was cooking "Wow hot Ma!". He's figured out how to turn off the lock on the water dispenser on the fridge. He had a spectacular temper tantrum involving a sealed box of Cheezits, after the cereal display I don't understand why he thought I'd be allowing him near any open containers, although I could sure use an open container. And he jumped on my back and put me in a sleeper hold while I was working out.

The result was that when reading him his ABCs, I told him that E is for exorcist.

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