Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's been a ragegy day. A horrible infuriating day.

It's especially sad because it was indeed Mac's sixth birthday. I was on a roll. I worked out, made birthday cake pancakes and listened to Mac crow about how many presents he got. I was feeling guilty because it was mostly needed clothing and some school supplies. But he was super excited. Then the girls and I rushed out the door to make it to futsal.

And that's where the day fell apart.

I dropped Baby off at the door of the futsal arena since parking was impossible to find. I turned to see her rushing back out the door in tears. Yup, I'd misread the schedule so her team was walking out the door as we arrived. I felt lousy. Completely awful.

So we did some shopping and returned for Baba's game. Baby was still dressed for her game and Baba's coach jokingly asked me to fill out a waiver to allow her to play with Baba's team as they were missing several people. When he figured out that Baby was already signed up and had promised not to sue anyone, he told her she could play with them. She got very excited, handed me her candy (that I bought her to make her not be too angry at me) and my tablet that she had been playing a game on. And off she went.

The futsal arena is not set up well and is very crowded with lots of jostling and bumping. I had Cinco in the front carrier and my purse over my shoulder. Mac had stayed home with the father figure to play video games for his birthday. I noticed my purse seemed to be getting bumped a lot, but as I always had one child playing I didn't think too much of it. Well, that was stupid. At the end of the game, I discovered that my tablet was gone. Out of my purse, which admittedly, hadn't been properly closed. Lots and lots of rage ensued. Rage that could only be directed towards some invisible evil creepy person. Who steals from a gal holding a baby? Porlandia, it's really not that cool.

Foolishly, I called and turned off service before realizing that I would need service in order to track it. Although that would require the creep who stole it to turn on the gps and I don't see that happening. So before heading off to Mac's family birthday party, I panickly changed passwords on everything.

I can't shake the feeling of being violated. There are pictures of my kids in the hands of some jerk. That's what really frosts me. That entitled thief doesn't have the right to look at my kids. The father figure has listened to me rant about this, and simply smiles. He tried telling me that they've probably already wiped it, but then that leads to ranting about how they have no right to eliminate any videos or pictures of my babies. I'm just very angry.

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Annoyingly, this kept me from delighting in the very good futsal game both Baby and Baba played. I was very proud of Baby as she was playing against girls who were almost three years older than her. Although she came up to the arm pits of many of them, she more than held her own. As she was charging towards a significantly larger girl, Baba's coach leaned over to Baba and said "Your sister's an animal." Baby was very pleased to hear that.

Mac gave me a hug and told me that this was the best day ever. Which really helped. I'm glad that in all the chaos, he had a good day playing games with his dad and hanging with his cousins. He also couldn't believe all the presents he received.

And a cherry on top of the day of not awesomeness that I had, my brother in law gave my son a fart gun for his birthday. Yes, and X-Man has found it. Why do bad things happen to semi good people?

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