Thursday, May 16, 2013

X-Man has been very sweet to Gestated Cinco. He may resent me for uprooting his life, but he bears no ill will to his baby sister. In fact, as I was changing her diaper, X-Man was leaning in, cooing “ni ni” or “nice nice” which is my constant refrain when he is in her presence. Moved by the moment, I reached over to stroke his fat cheek, and left a streak of baby poop on his face.

That perfectly summarizes my life at the moment.

Gestated Cinco is crying and X-Man is yelling at Baby “Mine mine mee” because he thinks he should be the one to put the binky in her mouth.  And I am forced to admit that I believe the highlight of this week, the week Gestated is a full month old, will be my successful teaching of X-Man to do the Night at the Roxbury dance whenever the new ringtone for his dad goes off. I got tired of White and Nerdy.  It was actually quite the accomplishment in my mind.

Hey, I own my mediocrity. 

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